Wax On


“Polishing is as much the rendering of complex words into simpler terms as it is de-cluttering the space between your periods, while leaving just a little stylistic juice to spice things up.” -Larry Brooks of storyfix.com, guest posting on problogger.net

The difference, measured in fun, between hacking through the kill-you-in-a-thousand-ways jungle of a first draft and the maestro wand-waving of the “polishing” stage is profound.

When you have a floor to stand on, a start and a finish and any damn thing connecting the two, you have the perspective you need to write the best you can. The barely-coherent first draft ends up revealing to you what you’re actually¬†trying to say.

I don’t know what’s meant by “the space between your periods”–surely not some John Cage¬†sleight of hand about the beauty of silence. Yes, de-clutter the space. What else can you do?

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