In Transit

Contact.  As a transitive verb, the word is vague and self-important.  Do not contact anybody; get in touch with him, or look him up, or phone him, or find him, or meet him.

The Elements of Style

Or Facebook him!  Or Tweet at him!  Or Pin him!  Or get with the times and write “him or her”!

This one is going to have a hard time surviving.  Everyone contacts everyone now.  But the flailing glance at it in EOS at least forces us to look again at what a transitive verb is: A verb with a direct subject and object.

Two good examples:

“Brevity is the soul of wit”

“I hate the Drake”

An intransitive verb has no object:

“For those about to rock” (intransitive–rock what?)

We salute you, transitively.

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