The Substance of a Blog Post

I’ve been reading Copyblogger a lot lately–it’s a great blog–and this post got me thinking hard about what I’m doing on

Conclusion: I am going to reduce posting frequency here to 2x/week, and am going to increase brain cell usage on each post by 20-30x. I started this blog to forge the discipline of having to produce¬†something every working day, and I think I’ve got the benefits of that locked up by now.

My favorite moment as I comb through blogs in the morning is happening across something that I know at once is entertaining and is going to be valuable to me. Something that feels good to send to other people.

I want to have more posts like that on here, and I want to take a little extra time to be sure they’re that kind of good, at least until I have the hang of it.

And of course I mean I want to post things that are going to be valuable to you, dear reader and especially dear subscriber (P.S. Thanks subscribers! I owe you a beer or 12 oz. of whatever you like to drink.)

Also, as nice as this default WordPress theme looks, it’s inexcusable that I haven’t given this entire site a much-needed customization since breaking ground on it in April. It’s coming, believe it.

So, that’s a wrap for this week and I hope you’ll meet me here on Monday morning.

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