Over the past ten years I’ve lived in a lot of different places and worked a lot of different jobs.  The transitions have been fast and furious and the moving days long and hard– sometimes too long and hard to be soothed by beer and pizza inhaled amidst the entropy in my latest new apartment.


The only constant in this rootless lifestyle is that, wherever I am, I beg my brain to be as sticky as possible and to come away from each experience with a few new arrows in its quiver.


I’ve spent most of the last four years making and occasionally selling wine in America, France, New Zealand, and South Africa.  I’ve learned a lot about wine. My “immersion” in the subject goes beyond figures of speech.



The old saw says you should write about what you know about, and now that I’m writing full-time I’m going to write about wine.  I’m going to write about lots of other things too, but I’m always going to write about wine.


I’m reviewing wines for the D.C. arm of  Here are some links to my articles:



Please subscribe if you’re at all inclined.  Also, I am “slow-blogging” some personal essays and short fiction pieces relating to wine at


Here’s to a great week.


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